160T-4.5x40 Infrared Night Vision
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  • product description:Features:
    1. It can be used normally in day and night, with functions such as taking pictures, videos and playback. Optical magnification is five times and the electron has doubled to eight times;
    2. The day is true color, the night is black and white with light intensity detection, automatic day and night mode conversion;
    3. CMOS minimum illumination 0.01 Lux.
  • Applications:
    1. Operational and training purposes of reconnaissance and command of military units;
    2. Patrol records of border armed police, customs anti-smuggling inspection and maritime patrol;
    3. Anti-terrorism and stabilization, secret investigation, inspection and evidence collection of law enforcement by departments of public procuratorial law and city administration;
    4. Supervisors of nature reserves, forestry, wildlife conservation, scientific research institutes, forest farms, wetlands, forest parks, etc.Survey wildlife, anti-poaching;
    5. Field observation and rescue, mountain cave tourism and adventure enthusiasts outdoor tourism climbing telescope camping Photographic monitoring;
    6. News reporters observe and take photos remotely, and investigate company/private detective evidence collection records;
    7. Traffic command and highway management departments observe and take long-distance license photographs;
    8. Hazardous industries such as fire fighting/banking/electric power/railway water conservancy/steel works/riot prevention/high-level operationLong-distance observation and photography;
    9. Forestry Management, Geological Exploration, Petroleum Production Units, Airport Management, Large-scale Assemblies Management Unit/Railway and Port Distance;
    10. Environmental Protection, Safety Supervision or Long-distance Photo Supervision for Hunting and Animal Observation Enthusiasts Measure

    Performance characteristics:

    This product is an observation of objects used in the dark or weak light goggles, weak light observation distance of infinity, dark environment of up to 200 meters. This product has USB interface, video output interface, and the power converter.

    Technical parameters:

    The name  Night-vision goggles 
    Model  P2+-4540
    Objective diameter  40mm
    Infrared light wavelength  940µm
    Receive image resolution  300000 pixels
    Spectral range  400-1100µm
    Dynamic range  68dB
    Minimum illumination  0.001 lux
    Viewing Angle 5º×3.75º
    Pupil distance  12mm
    Observation distance  250M
    Lighting infrared power  1W
    Eyepiece diopter  ±10
    The white balance  Auto 
    SD memory card  2-32G
    Switch day and night yes
    Video output  yes
    External power supply  5V/2A
    Working temperature  -10℃ - 50℃
    Working humidity  Maximum 80% 
    Battery class  Rechargeable lithium battery18650  2200MAH
    USB interface  mini The USB interface
    Focal length adjustment  Objective focus 
    Foot frame interface  1/4"
    Display resolution  750×560
    Waterproofing performance  ipx4
    Photo function  yes
    Video recording function  yes
    Screen brightness adjustment function  yes
    Lighting brightness adjustment function yes
    Photo, video, playback and delete function yes
    Time setting function yes
    Product size 160×77×57mm
    The product weight 274.5g

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