268C-31230I High-end Infrared
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  • Product Category: Products Digital Infrared Night Vision
  • product description:Features:
    1. Integration of day and night;
    2. GPS marking;
    3. Electronic compass, continuously tracking precise direction;
    4. Wifi wireless transmission, built-in WiFi allows users to connect to it via mobile devices or tablets through specialized software, using your mobile phone as a viewfinder, recording and sharing images/videos
  • Applications:
    1. Operational and training purposes of reconnaissance and command of military units;
    2. Patrol records of border armed police, customs anti-smuggling inspection and maritime patrol;
    3. Anti-terrorism and stabilization, secret investigation, inspection and evidence collection of law enforcement by departments of public procuratorial law and city administration;
    4. Supervisors of nature reserves, forestry, wildlife conservation, scientific research institutes, forest farms, wetlands, forest parks, etc.Survey wildlife, anti-poaching;
    5. Field observation and rescue, mountain cave tourism and adventure enthusiasts outdoor tourism climbing telescope camping Photographic monitoring;
    6. News reporters observe and take photos remotely, and investigate company/private detective evidence collection records;
    7. Traffic command and highway management departments observe and take long-distance license photographs;
    8. Hazardous industries such as fire fighting/banking/electric power/railway water conservancy/steel works/riot prevention/high-level operationLong-distance observation and photography;
    9. Forestry Management, Geological Exploration, Petroleum Production Units, Airport Management, Large-scale Assemblies Management Unit/Railway and Port Distance;
    10. Environmental Protection, Safety Supervision or Long-distance Photo Supervision for Hunting and Animal Observation Enthusiasts Measure

    Technical parameters:

    Number  268C-31230I
    Image intensifier Generations Smart HD Optics-Ⅰ Smart HD Optics-Ⅱ
    Magnification 3-12X 5-18X 4-16X 5-18X
    Objective diameter(mm) 30 57 40 57
    Eye relief(mm) 67 67
    IR Illuminator 850 Detachable - 850 mW Detachable - 850 mW
    Sensor HD 1080p Sensor HD 1080p  Sensor
    Display 800 x 600 px 720p
    Diopter adjustment(D) ±5 ±5
    Ports Micro HDMI Output, Micro USB  Micro HDMI Output, Micro USB
    Power 4 AA type batteries 4 AA type batteries
    Micro SD卡/Micro SD Card 2 to 32 Gb 22 to 32 Gb
    Video Out 1080p at 30 fps & 720p at 60 fps 1080p at 30 fps & 720p at 60 fps
    Remote View Finder via IOS or Android app  via IOS or Android app
    Dimensions(mm) 203 x 83 x 79 262 x 88 x 82 235x70x82 265x72x87
    Weight(g) 1050 1220 1080 1320

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