Brands of Famous Telescopes
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  • The advent of telescopes allowed us to see the world in the distance and discover more new things. In particular, astronomical telescopes, it is another human beings have a preliminary understanding of the unknown distant world. How far we can look. To see more clearly, the key is the quality of the telescope. Consumers in the choice, there will be many questions, what brand of telescope is good? What brand of telescope brand distribution most? Where is the telescope produced? Access to big brands, famous trademarks, provincial and municipal brands such as the honor of the telescope brand what? In order to provide consumers with real telescope market conditions and accurate industry brand information, the following is CNPP to provide data support, the site for your statistical telescope top ten brand list and related brand recommendations for your reference.

    Top ten telescope brands, the best binoculars,  [2017]
    1. ZEISS Zeiss
    Began in 1846 in Germany, the global leader in the optical and optoelectronics industry, the world's leading manufacturer of optical / precision engineering and electronic observations, Carl Zeiss (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.

    2. Leica Leica
    Began in 1907 in Germany, the world's leading manufacturer of optical instruments, superb production and expensive price is its brand logo, ten telescope brand, Leica Camera Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    3. Nikon Nikon
    Began in 1917 in Japan, the world's leading optical product design and manufacturer, specializing in the field of professional photography, Nikon Imaging Equipment Sales (China) Co., Ltd.

    4. Bo crown BOSMA
    Professional astronomical telescope / binoculars series of optoelectronic products manufacturer, Guangzhou famous trademark, Guangzhou Bo crown Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

    5. Canon Canon
    Beginning in 1937 in Japan, well-known integrated production of imaging and information products group, photography enthusiasts well-known SLR brand, the world's top 500, Canon (China) Co., Ltd.

    6. Panda brand PANDA BRAND
    National defense industry night vision product research / production base, the earlier engaged in telescope product development / production / sales business, the top ten telescope brands, Yunnan Yun-light Development Co., Ltd.

    7. See the music STEINER
    Beginning in 1947 in Germany, the world's largest manufacturer of military telescopes / Larger modern lens manufacturing equipment company, the world's top ten telescope brand, the German Optoelectronics Corporation

    8.BRESSER Po as Germany
    Founded in 1957 in Germany, the ten major brands of telescopes, focusing on optical instrument product development / innovation and promotion of applications, Guangzhou Jinghua Precision Optical Co., Ltd.

    9. Star Treka CELESTRON
    Began in the United States, the world's leading telescope brand, in the optical field has a long history of more than 50 years of telescope brand, the domestic agent: Hangzhou Astronomy Technology Co., Ltd.

    10. Pentax Pentax
    Began in 1919 in Japan, Ricoh's company, the world-renowned SLR camera brand, a leading imaging equipment manufacturer, Ricoh Imaging Instruments Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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