How Many Times the Telescope Multiples the Most Appropriate
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  • Each telescope is marked with the main parameters, such as 7x35 that the mirror is 7 times the objective diameter of 35mm. Generally less than 6 times the low magnification, 6-10 times the magnification, 10 times the high magnification. Now mainly discuss binoculars multiples.

    Many people always think that the higher the multiple, the better. Some manufacturers also use false times to attract consumers. In fact, the reasonable multiple of a telescope is related to the telescope's caliber and observation mode: large caliber and multiples can be appropriate , Fixed observation with a tripod can be higher than the hand-held observations. If you buy handheld observation binoculars, 7-10 times enough between the maximum not more than 12 times, or the higher the multiple, the observation field of view is smaller, darker, the observation effect but decreased, especially the high magnification brought The jitter is also greatly increased, so that the observed scenery can not be stabilized, it is difficult to observe normally.

    Telescope multiples, in theory, is inversely proportional to the field of view of the telescope, the higher the multiple, the smaller the field of vision. Therefore, the telescope multiples is not suitable too much. 50MM caliber binoculars, if to 20 times to basically reached the limit, if the multiple is large, the view is too small. Basic can not be used.

    Many countries in the world like the United States and Russia have many types of telescopes, but mostly 6-10 times. Some world famous brands such as the American Doctor, Swarovski, and Zeiss Germany also use telescopes with medium magnification, This is because a clear and stable imaging is the most important. At present the world's top telescopes, such as the elite series of Dr. can generally use 42MM caliber, 8-10 times the magnification on the line.

    Therefore, as our daily outdoor telescope, it is recommended to choose 7-10 times. Do not choose more than 10 times as much as possible. If more than 10 times it is recommended to use a tripod.

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