Telescope Can See How Far Has Been the Suspicion in Your Heart
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  • 1, telescope to see the distance and human vision related. For example, the letters on the eye chart: "E" When placed 5 meters away from the test, people with good eyesight can see the bottom line, and people with myopia may only see "E" in front of a few lines. If you put the chart 50 meters away, with 10 times the telescope, which is equivalent to nearly 10 times (and 5 meters away). Good eyesight people can still see the bottom line, myopia people still can only see the front of a few large "E", the bottom is still not clear. Myopic people will say that this telescope can not see 50 meters, even the bottom of the letters are not clear, and good eyesight people will say that this telescope is good, and even 50 meters at the bottom of the eye chart E or see very clearly . Can you say that this telescope can only see 50 meters?

    2, telescope to see the distance and the size of the object. For example: An ant at 1000 meters, you use 10 times the telescope, the equivalent of ants closer to 100 meters to see, you certainly can not see. Can you say that this telescope can not see 1000 meters? If you are alone at 1,000 meters, you use 10 times the telescope, which is equivalent to the person closer to 100 meters look, you must see clearly. With the telescope can clearly see 380000 kilometers at the moon of the mountains, but can not see much closer to our earth satellites, is the truth.

    3, telescope to see the distance and air quality. For example, with the same telescope, the same person to observe billboards at 1000 meters. After the rain, when the sun is sunny, you can clearly read the small print on the billboard. In cloudy days without the sun, the air in the car exhaust, dust may not be clear. Further, if there is fog, that is, there is a lot of suspended particles in the air, visibility is reduced, you may not even 5 meters can not see. This is why foggy weather blocked the freeway.

    4, the telescope to see the distance and telescope quality itself. For example, there is a person at 1000 meters, you see with a few thousand dollars depending on the music (or Zeiss) 10 times the telescope and tens of dollars ordinary 10 times the telescope to see, to see the clarity vary widely. It is no surprise that the two telescope-like parameters (multiples, caliber, field of view field of view, exit pupil distance, exit pupil diameter), telescopes of the same size and shape may differ by a few times or more. Take a look at music, Zeiss 10 times the telescope, take a look at the domestically produced TASCO or cherry 10 times the telescope. A visual music can buy domestically produced TASCO or cherry boxes. Telescope price and multiples of little, military telescopes almost no more than 10 times. Telescope lenses, prisms, coating, the structure determines the quality of the telescope. Good telescope transmittance can reach more than 90%, poor telescope only 50% -60%, bad telescope to see the sky was significantly dark side.

    See here you should understand why the telescope did not look far and near this data? As long as there are infinite objects, the telescope can see infinity. Hundreds of light-years of the planet, we can see without a telescope, the same can see with a telescope. The moon is far away from us (380,000 km) and we can see it with a telescope. However, no matter how close you are to the telescope, how far apart you can use molecules and atoms, you can not see it. Why? Because they are too small!

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