152R-1x25 2 NightVision Goggles
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  • product description:Features:
    1.High magnification;
    2.Long range viewing;
    3.Fully multi-coated optics;
    4.Superior resolution;
    5.Durable rubber armor;
    6.Built-in infrared illuminator;
    7.Reliable and easy to use;
    8.Limited lifetime warranty is one year
  • 152R-1X25 2+binocular night vision is a kind of night vision monocular which can be viewed by two eyes and can be mounted with helmet,small in size,light in weight. 

    Magnification can be changed by replacing different objective lens, 1x and 4x are available. Other objective lens with different focal distance can be also provided to meet your needs.

    This helmet-style night vision goggle can go with laser IR irradiator installed in the gun,and it is able to shoot the target which is within 150m.It also can be used as hand held Dim-light telescope.

    It adopts Russian Gen-super 2 and 3 image intensifier tube with the function of anti-glare and built-in IR Illuminator. It is mainly used for military observation,sea defence,frontier reconnaissance,surveillance, suppress smuggling, drug smuggling investigation and vehicles and aircraft maintenance under dark condition etc.

    1.High magnification            2.Long range viewing
    3.Fully multi-coated optics     4.Superior resolution
    5.Durable rubber armor          6.Built-in infrared illuminator

    7.Reliable and easy to use       8.Limited lifetime warranty is one year

    1. Night vision goggles can be head-strap mounted for hands free operation when used with a mask (in a set). Lightweight and comfort mask allows to adjust goggles to eyes position. Flip-flop mechanism assures easy unobstructed vision.
    2. Operating mode switch and batteries compartment cover are easy to use even when operating in gloves.
    3. Angle of IR illumination totally assures a field of view (controlled under assembling).
    4. The goggles are performed as corrosion-proof.
    5. Low battery indicator.

    6. «IR-on» indicator.

    Standard set :
    ♦ Night Vision Goggles
    ♦ Mask
    ♦ Allows hands-free operation. High safety of mounting blocks and adjusting mechanisms.
    ♦ Carrying Case
    ♦ Shoulder strap

    ♦ Lens paper

    Optional accessories :
    • 3-х and 5-x magnifier lens
    Easy and handful lens changing process at conducting viewing operations / in field conditions.
    • 3-х afocal telescope
    Easily mounts to the objective lens. Provides 3x magnification.
    • Adapter for applying PVS type head-strap masks
    • Flip-flop mechanism
    • Protective device from long bright light-striking («off» at Е>40lx, in 60 sec)
    • «Momentary» IR switch
    • Demist shield

    • Sacrificial window

    Technical parameters:

    II                                              2+ Gen
    Identification range of human body, m 220-260  
    Magnification                             1
    Angular field of view, degree
    Focus range, m
    Diopter Adjustment
                                               -6 - +5
    Resolution, lp/mm min - max  
    45 - 53
    57 - 64
    Supply voltage, V (2 universal "AA" batteries)
    Active performance period without IR illumination, min, hours
    Active performance period with IR illumination, min, hours
    Interpupillary Adjustment, mm
    Output pupil diameter, mm
    Output pupil relief, mm
    Goggles weight (with 2 batteries), no more, g
    Mask weight, no more, g
    Bag weight, g
    Operating resource, hours
    Ambient conditions :
    Operating Temperature Range °, С ±40
    Relative Humidity at 25°С 98%
    Shock resistance 5g
    Water resistance 2.0 m (2 hours)
    Dimensions: 183x132x58mm

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